Creativity gets in the way.

User Rating: 6 | Trials Evolution X360
Just like the previous Trials, this could have been a really great game, but far too often the difficulty makes the game a real chore to play.

The more simple, roller coaster type of tracks, are really fun and this is clearly where the game really shines. For the next Trials game i wish they could add two types of modes, one with the creative, cluttery type of tracks (which i hate, but i can see how "hardcore" players probably enjoy those tracks) and another mode with the more fluid and faster tracks that us old people could enjoy without getting frustrated that we dont have the reflexes of superman (/or a teenager).

I also miss that rather stupid, but very fun, mode from previous Trials where you just ran your bike into a bunch of barrells and whatnot. Just some fun with physics, i really liked that. I feel that this latest version takes itself a little bit too seriously and the creativity is getting more and more in the way of the fun and fluidity of the gameplay.