One of those games that's just barely able to be called a game.

User Rating: 3.5 | Trauma PC
This game is one of those artistic games that tries to be too bizarre and creative, but in the end lacks any real content or interaction.

It's basically a slide show of pictures. Each picture on the screen has different areas that can be highlighted with the mouse. When you click on a highlighted area you transition to a different picture. Using this technique you are able to travel around through a virtual world. Is it creative to use still photographs to represent a virtual environment? Sure. Is it enough to satisfy a gamer? No.

So for most of the game you are just clicking on every highlighted area. You can find photographs in some hidden locations. And you can draw a few designs with your mouse which creates a few unique actions. But these are very limited in scope.

There is a female narrator who constantly talks throughout the whole game. And each level has a normal ending and three alternative endings. Most of the cutscenes involve real-life video. But the story just feels too abstract and depressing to be interesting at all.

And there are only four "levels." Meaning you can breeze through this "game" in just a few minutes. If you want to go back and collect all the photographs and secret endings you MIGHT be able to get an hour of gameplay out of it. And the game is being sold for $7 right now which is an outrageous price. It's really not worth a purchase at all. There is a similar artsy type game called The Cat and The Coup on Steam which is entirely free. I think this game should follow that model and be offered for free for anyone who is interested, because I cannot see how anyone would pay to play this game.

Honestly I would recommend everyone to stay away from this. Don't waste your money on it. I really can't stand games like this. It doesn't really have any content and doesn't have enough ideas in it. And it's just barely able to be considered a game.