Another flash game that looks more like a high school student project than a real game

User Rating: 2 | Trauma PC
This title should not even be classified as a game. It look like the work of arts students that try to show the audience a somewhat "different" experience.

As a game, it's simply awful. It's just a series of still photographs (with some very basic animation) that try to tell a story. It's the kind of thing you should expect as free stuff on Apple iTune Store. But you won't find it there because it use flash as the development platform. Which in itself is not a good omen.

And 7.00$ for this title on Steam is just a rip-off. The author should be ashamed of giving such a poor product at this price. If you are still interested by what is trying to give a different experience (and fail miserably), wait for it to be on sale. Don't pay more than 0.50$ for this.

This "game" is advertised as "Independent Games Festival Finalist" and "European Innovative Games Award". But don't be deceived by these titles. It should not even be classified has a game.