Too ambitious for what it delivers

User Rating: 4.5 | Trauma PC
When I read about Trauma, I thought the traditional point' n' click adventure where you journey into the mind of a car crash victim was an intriguing theme. Experiencing dreams, subjective memories, looking at hidden allegories while trying to understand, piece together a traumatized mind is a great idea - I was instantly reminded of how great was the old adventure "Sanitarium", so I decided to give Trauma a chance. Unfortunately, the game is too ambitious for what it delivers. You don't really piece together anything, you're more an spectator than a player or an explorer. The main character ain't properly explored, you don't get to know her. The game feels unrewarding and, really, is very short. As a game, Trauma isn't awful, but it's lacking. Had some great ideas, but didn't use 'em well.