Great variety of characters and specialties, worth playing multiple times to beat records in different difficulties.

User Rating: 9 | Trauma Team WII
This one is a great game, with great characters that are all different and interesting, and the different specialties make for a varied experience. The different docs give each a distinctive pace to the game.

A very good follow up for the trauma team games. The multiplayer is great fun with friends. The music in this game is great and the story is good and less sillier than the previous ones on trauma team games, though nothing too deep. Also the art and scenes are well done.

The game may seem more for kids, but it's great fun for adults too.

It's a good game that even though it's beatable you can come back to again and again to have fun alone or with friends. Beating your ranks in different difficulties can be fun.

The controls are good and familiar if you've played the trauma team games.

I definitely recommend it.