Commencing Operation. The patient's lives are in your hands!

User Rating: 8 | Trauma Team WII
Really I have never had interest in the Trauma Center series until recently where I found out the character designer and the music was done by the same guys that did the Persona series. So I figured why not try it out, man was it worth it!

Story is told in like a comic book or like manga style with voiced scenes for everything. You play as one of 6 doctors, each playing different from the other. A surgeon that's a prisoner that was involved in an attack on a college, an emergency medical technician that bosses and yells at people, orthopedic surgeon who apparently acts as a hero, a ninja heiress that uses a endoscope to look into patients, a diagnostician who all lax and stuff, and a doctor that is working with the FBI to solve murder mysteries. All these stories are kinda linked together but I won't spoil it or anything, all I can say is that after you beat these stories you'll unlock a new set of stories that's really epic. So basically your saving lives in epic persona like fashion as I like to call it.

Gameplay is pretty easy and straight forward. For each doctor the game changes what you do like doing surgery or other stuff I don't know about doctors, so it has a nice way of giving a different feel. Controls are really responsive and work really well, mostly you'll be using the Wiimote point and click at stuff like that and the nunchuck to switch tools and stuff.

Graphically the game looks good. The 2D artwork looks great and are what tells the story, the 3D models are OK too. Voice acting is right on and are great. The music is OMG epic as HELL!, very Persona like also. I feel as if I'm fighting a boss battle or something but instead of fighting monsters I'm fighting diseases!

So yeah it definitely a very good game, great story, great voice acting, intense like boss battl...I mean operations and epic music. In terms of replay value you can redo missions to get high scores but that's mostly it. If you haven't played the other Trauma Center's before you don't have to, like me. This one tells a different story from the rest, at least from what I read.

Good thoughts:
- great/epic story
- great voice acting
- epic boss battle like music

Bad thoughts:
- not much to do afterwards