Trauma Team implements some new gameplay types for a well-rounded, fun package!

User Rating: 9 | Trauma Team WII
The Trauma series is relatively new. However, all the games mainly focused on surgery. While they were great games, the formula was undoubtedly beginning to become stale.

Enter Trauma Team, the newest Trauma game. Trauma Team takes what is established and pours more into the whole experience, creating stuff that is more involving and fun.

I'm not going to go into detail about the six doctors and their specialties because I'm sure you can find that information elsewhere. What I am going to say is this: there is just so much more variety here that Trauma team really feels fresh and creative. And more than that, they've pushed all the storylines together into one cohesive and well-produced package. The voice work is good and the story can be silly, but it's enjoyable if you don't mind stretching the old imagination.
You can play through the story any way you like. I prefer to go in story order because it's really cool to diagnose a character and then go into surgery on that person. And it's really engaging to see how one scene leads to another.

I will echo the complaints that others have had. Basically, there's only one real complaint I have. Endoscopy isn't fun. It's interesting in a way, sure, and it's absolutely solid in terms of control and design...but it just doesn't feel fun. Every other mode I'm eager to bite into, but Endoscopy just feels like tedious work.

If you love Trauma Center...and you love the idea of mixing in some laid back puzzle elements. Then you'll love Trauma Team.