It should have been longer it was so much fun:D.

User Rating: 9 | Trauma Team WII
I love this game it is so much fun. well the Surgery portion of it is pretty easy if you played the other Trauma games. it's still easy if you haven't played any of them before. they tell you what i instrument to use and all that so not much difficulty i got like a "S" on all of them. the first response is fun but beyond easy even with tons on patients coming in never loss one. just treat the ones more critical first and keep the vitals and max for all and it really easy. the bone doctor forgot what you call it that is little less easy but once you get the hang of it. don't race the outline the best advice there. Endoscopy i hate that part i always get loss every part looks the same I'm going through everywhere trying to find where i should go a real pain. i always running into the wall. it makes you hand hurt trying to navigate the tunnels. Diagnosis i love it's easy sometimes but X-rays i loathe that part. everything looks the same i feel sorry for doctors but at least they can hold it side by side. with flipping back and forth you have to remember where the abnormality is. which is a pain. Forensics awesome i love that part can be hard when piecing the clues together what fit's to what etc. but over all that it's a really good game. all in all i wish it was longer i finished it in a week or 5 days really.