You'll not regret this visit to the doctor

User Rating: 9.5 | Trauma Team WII
The first Trauma Center game i've played was the first game for the DS. I liked it, but i thought it was too hard. Since Trauma Team was released I wsa wanting to play it, and i do not regret the 20 hours i spent with it.

The art design on the characters is pretty good, but it dosen't have much variety, as they don't have much different facial expressions. The graphics on the organs are pretty good too. 3.5/5

The music on the game, when there is, is very good, such as the credits theme, but what shines is the voice acting. Once again, Atlus delivered an amazing job on the voice departament, with very fitting voices that hardly feel over the top. Most praise goes to the main characters. 5/5

The game is a simulation game. Unlike previous Trauma games, you play as 6 different types of doctors, not just surgeons, which i'm going to list from best to worst:

Forensics: While this is the one that has the least to do with medicine, it was undoubtedly the best one. Playing as Naomi Kimishima, the only returing character from previous games, you have to discover who killed the person and what was the cause of death. Naomi has an assistant named Little Guy, which also is from a previous game is the franchise It was very fun, and reminded me of the Ace Attorney series, which i don't say in a negative way. You have to examine the boddies, the killed clothes, the murder scene and then combine the information to get to the truth. What is so good is the stories, as they are amazing, if not a bit crazy at times. The controls are virtually perfect, as they are just point and click, but the motions (when used) responded corectily. 5/5

General Surgery: This is the same of what you had to do in previous games. You play as CR-S01, a prisioner sentenced to a 250 year sentence, but he could get out for a bit to perform surgeries, as he is amazing in doing what he does. It is very fun operating people, and never is too compliated, as there are symbols of which tool you have to use in where. The controls there worked really well too, as mostly they where point and click, but when you had to do motions, it respondend corectily. 5/5

Paramedics: This is like a simpler version of surgeries. You play as Maria Torres, a hot headed doctor who thinks she can do all by herself. This is the most simple of all, as normaly you only had to take off glass shards of people, then but a bandage on the place. Also, you normaly had to take care of more than one patient at time, making it a bit stressfull. While it was fun, i though it was a bit too easy and simple, as there is not much variety on what you have to do, but was still fun. The controls are the same as General Surgery, and work just as well. It uses the motion controls a bit more, but it works well. 4/5

Endoscopy: This is the weirdest of all, and you may hate it at first. You play as Tomoe Tachibana, a well spirited doctor who came from Japan to perform endoscopies. You have to search the body of the patient looking for bloodpools and such damages it has. It is kinda fun to search the body, but the controls are too akward. You have to hold the A and B button and pull the Wiimote to the screen to make the endoscope move, which works well, but becomes tirying and you may hit wall easily. Also, the nunchuck moves too slow to turn the thing around. You may also become lost inside the patient. It can be frustrating, but can be kinda fun, as there is a lot of variety on what you're objectives inside the body are. 3.3/5

Diagnostic: At first, this one is very cool, but becomes bery frustrating. You play as Gabriel Cunningham, a cool-headed diagnostician. You have to perform visual exams on the patient, hear his heart, stomach and lungs, watch for problems in the blood diagnostic and on his heart beats, to then give the diagnostic of what is wrong with him. This is kinda nice in the begining, but then they throw a "find the mistake" part, where you have to see what is wrong with a certain part of the body. It becomes very frustrating to find the small things, and specially agrevating near the end of the game. Also, to see what is wrong with the heart beats is too frustrating as well. The controls are just poing and click, so they work fine. 2/5

Orthopedics: Undeniably the worst one. You play as Hank Freebird, a kind hearted orthopedician, but he is also the worst character in my opinion. You have to reconstruct the bones and fix them. The problem is that it is so repetitive what you have to do and becomes to agravating in the end of the game, as his surgeries are the longest, and you always have to do the same thing over and over! At time, something differets pops up, and it can be quite fun, but this is hardly. Also, one thing that i personaly don't like is that there isn't the same amout of freedom you have to do something first like in the other surgeries; you always have to do what the game is telling you to do. The controls work well for the most part, but they can be problematic. There are time when you have to use the motion sensor of the nunchuck, which works when it feels like it, and the motions of the Wiimote can be unreliable too at time. Other things work well. 1/5

As you can play any of the 6 field separatedly, they each have their own separete storyline. Naomi's, CR-S01'S and Maria's are the most engadging in my opinion, while Gabriel's and Tomoe's were kinda interesting and Hank's was laughable. The main storyline that happens after you finished all the sepate ones in incredible, with some incredible events that you wouldn't imagine. In the final chapter you also have to play as all the doctors, even the ones you didn't like. Also, the main characters have a lot of personality, and you will remember them. My personal favourites were the ones i listed with teh best storylines. 5/5

Trauma Team is a step in the right direction for the series, and one that any Wii owner should have a look.

The good:
-Forensic is a great addition
-Surgeries are as good as every
-Diagnostics are a nice addition...
-Mostly good controls
-Great storyline(s)...
-Amazing cast of characters
-Great voice acting and good music

The bad:
-... but fails flat
-...with the exeption of Hank's
-Orthopedics is awful
-Endoscopy is fun but has flawed controls