Who knew saving lives could be so stressful?

User Rating: 8.5 | Trauma Team WII
Trauma Team's greatest moments emerge in the surgery and first response chapters, because they're fast-paced, thrilling and they require a fair amount of skill and speed to complete I also enjoyed the forensics sections -- even if they were occasionally unintuitive -- because they presented intriguing scenarios and a few cool puzzles.
Unfortunately, the diagnosis and endoscopy chapters leave something to be desired, making Trauma Team something of a mixed bag. Nothing in this medical drama is unplayable, but it's still disappointing that the rest of the game couldn't live up to the exhilarating potential of virtually performing surgery. That said, I enjoyed Trauma Team, despite the issues. But maybe I just really like saving lives.

Presentation: Unrealistic but entertaining story is told through comic book style cutscenes. The only character that was too outlandish for me to believe was Hank, but only when he dressed up 8.5/10

Graphics:Trauma Team... isn't about graphics. Character designs are sharp, but the cutscenes are cheap and the actual operation visuals are extremely bland. 6.5/10

Sound: Voice acting is generally good, with only a few weak performances to speak of. Intense music fits surgery and first response perfectly, but other tracks loop a little too much for my tastes. 8.5/10

Gameplay:A mixed bag. Certain gameplay types are great fun and get the adrenaline pumping, while others -- like diagnosis and endoscopy -- are too repetitive 8/10

Lasting Appeal: Trauma Team is a surprisingly meaty game, and operation rankings encourage players to come back for more. 8.5/10

Overall: 8.5

My Verdict: if your into action games buy it :)