Just what the doctor ordered

User Rating: 8.5 | Trauma Team WII
Trauma Team is the third iteration of the trauma series on the wii and a great one too. If you want to experience the path of a doctor then this is just the game you were looking for.

Just after making your new game you will have 6 doctors to choose from, each with a different area of expertise. This adds a lot of variety to the mix and you will rarely be bored as you go from standard operating, going to help people in some really nasty accident and you can go at your own pace with each. Though 4 of them perform different types of surgery, the last two are diagnostics and forensics.

When gameplay come in it really stands out as unique. In the many different operations you will perform you have tools to use to help you in your mision to save lives. You use for the most part the nunchuk to choose your tool and the wiimote to cut patients, drain their blood as it comes out, suture them and much more. And its all different with each doctor, and there are so many actions to perform, it is quite impressive. Even in the last chapters you will still be learning stuff.

Then there are the diagnostics and forensics areas. The first is all about trying to figure out what disease is causing trouble for your patients. In the second one you will investigate and determine a crime scene in order to catch the killer of the victim. Both of them offer many interesting scenarios and gameplay elements but they have some issues. They drag out way too long, and some of the answers to some questions are quite difficult to see so you will get mad a few times because you had to look for a clue, you searched everywhere and it turns out you had to touch the patients throat or failed to see a change in the patients blood exam.

Cutscenes are made up of lots of 2d character artwork that looks pretty good and a massive amount of VO thats also good. But the best part may be the story as each of the doctors have some kind of weird but interesting backstory. One of them was given 250 years in prison, other is a super hero and one of the girls can hear recordings of the dead. And they are all connected, so you will find plenty of pleasure digging into the story.

Beating the game will take you 20+ hours and you unlock a hard mode so theres a fair amount of replay value. There is also a co-op for the surgery parts of the game thats nice though you have to take turns in 3 of the 4.

In the end if you want to feel like a real surgeon then look no further as Trauma Team delivers a unique experience that will satisfy your operating needs.