A game that can only be on DS or Wii, and a game that is actually quite good.

User Rating: 8.5 | Chou Shittou Caduceus DS
When i first saw this game i thought it was one of those stupid Japanese Anime games only to be loved by those who read Inu Yasha or whatever everyday, but then when i played it i found a game that deserves much more than a 'pick up at store, read back, put back down' kinda game.

So your names Derek and you've just started working at the cliche Hope Hospital, where you are a surgeon (obviously). Although at first you simply remove glass and put it on a tray the game reasonably quickly escalates to you having a medical gift to slow your perception of time and work ridiculously fast and fighting strange diseases known as GUILT.
To give an example, the first one you come across Kyriaki which creates big cuts inside the body, but it only surfaces when the tissue is sutured back up.
So then you need to use the ultrasound to find it then slice it down the centre, then it surfaces making it a target for your laser, so you have to laser it 3 times, but there are Bigger ones and times where there are multiple ones, so you have to do all that while suturing lacerations and making sure your patients vitals dont drop to zero. It mightn't look hard but thats the easy one, compared to the others its a walk in the park.

But no matter how difficult it is you will want to keep on playing cause its so addictive and fun, making for a great innovative game that although might be difficult to pick up and buy, will suck you in the minute you put the cartridge into your DS