Could have been amazing but poor directions let this game down.

User Rating: 7.5 | Trauma Center: New Blood WII
Trauma center new blood is the sequel to second opinion which unfortunately i havent had the pleasure to play. I bought this game for just £5 in the sale, i have been interested in these games since they came out, i mean who wouldn't wanna slice people up and and save them from certain death?

You start off in a small surgery in Alaska but when the hospital closes you move over to LA. The controls of this game arent great at first, its really hard to use the scalpel even but after some time you are able to do everything quite quick. I also had a very sore hand from this game, i played for about an hour and my hand had stiffened up a bit so make sure you give your hand a break every now and then.

I did enjoy this game but it does have its flaws, one being that there isn't much instruction being given, you don't always know what you have to do and most of the time you have to figure it out for yourself which usually ends in the patient dying.

Overall this game is fun but i think younger children wouldn't like all the blood and stuff. I am very happy with my £5 purchase and would recommend this game if you like this sort of thing, its a hard game but very addictive at times.

Give it a go!