Transformers WFC could have been the best game of the series. But it didn't happen.

User Rating: 6 | Transformers: War for Cybertron PS3
Transformers have been very successful on television (Cartoon Network & etc). As for live action trilogy movie, it's a whole different story altogether. I've been a fan of the series since childhood & never thought Transformers video game would come to reality. When Transformers WFC was announced, the fans were excited & hope it'll have success like Batman Arkham series. It was released on June 22nd, 2010 & most Transformers fans loved it. There were people in the minority that didn't like the game for it was too much like Gears Of War clone & everything else. What did I think about the game? Stick around, here's my pros & cons of Transformers War For Cybertron

High Moon Studios did an good job on the main story.
Players can play both sides of single player mode between Autobots & Decepticons
Autobots' side of the story was good, but...
Players can get to play their favorite TF characters in sinlge player mode
Voice acting was excellent
Escalation game mode was so great that it gives Gears Of War's Horde Mode run for it's money & puts Treyarch's COD zombies to shame
Players can create their own transformer in Competitive online multiplayer mode

Decepticons side of the story of take control of planet Cyberton was boring, dull, typical & uninteresting
Players will run into glitches & bugs while playing single player mode
matchmaking in online multiplayer mode was really bad
Overall competitive online multiplayer mode was extremely horrible for it's nothing more than COD 4/Gears Of War 2 rip-off
If I want to play a fighting game online, I'll go play Super Street Fighter IV, VF 5 Final Showdown or King Of Fighters XIII. Why? Competitive online multiplayer mode felt more like one sided with melee kills instead of different ways to take out opposition.
Graphics weren't all that

I know hardcore fans of Transformers War For Cyberton will say this game is excellent, instant classic & I should have been fair. But, the game has setbacks (list of cons) & it's just another average game. When will game developers stop adding killstreaks & perks into shooters?