Transform and roll out!

User Rating: 9 | Transformers: War for Cybertron X360
First thing forget the movies and movie games they have zip,zero nada to do with this game. This game is old school transformers brought into the 21st century and done very well indeed.

The gameplay is great and very smooth my only complaint here is melee could have been done better, as it is you simply press a button to execute a melee bash.I would have liked a selection of melee weapons and maybe a coule of melee combo moves but this is a wish the bash works fine but you find yourself doing it alot and a better melee system would have added to gameplay and immersion imo.

The gunplay in vehicle and transformer mode is excellent, you can have upto 2 weapons equiped to switch between in each mode plus grenades and 2 special moves which vary class to class and there is 3 classes leader,scout,scientist.


Good graphics
Good voice over.
Great gameplay.
Good story.
Fun co-op and MP modes.


Could have had better melee.


This is a great game and by far the best Transformers game to date i am having great fun with the escalation co-op and muliplayer modes well after completing the campaign which was itself also excellent.