great game , if want a game dat challenges you, thn bttr stick on this,fabulous gameplay .georgeous characters>!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Transformers: War for Cybertron X360
great game ,but a little dull graphics, but those odds hav been covered up through its addictive gameplay n georgeous this game!!!anyway it has exciting missions and game types which forces the gamers to stay on its head all the time>>>>its very addictive n has beautifull fighting moves>>when you play this game you would have said that its been never a dull day!!!it does hav many attractive weopons which help in keeping the player undissappointed forever.and the main thing is that you could make your own character as you desire with a great new weopens and extra abilities so enymies wont b able to find your technics soon enough...bttr download this and keep it going>>>i rate this as one of the best game which is less expensive n very addictive !!go to market place and get this game on your game cd`s cover!!!