Tom McShea....You Fail

User Rating: 8.5 | Transformers: War for Cybertron PS3
This is the second review that I have read from this guy that dogged a great game, the first of which was Dantes Inferno. Im sure there are countless other good games that have fell victim to this horrible reviewer.

I mean it seems to me that this guy only likes certain types of games and when he has to play a game he doesnt like, WHAM! he hates on it. That being said, everyone im sure has their on certain niches of games they prefer, but this being a reviewer, he should'nt be judgmental towards certain games.
He has to keep an open mind towards all games. Ok now on to my review!

The one main bad thing i could find towards this game was the mindless shooting for more than 80 percent of the game, which was fun...just mindless. Everything else was AMAZING!! The graphics were awesome, the story was excellent. The voice acting was very well done with Optimus Primes original voice and others. Always something going on in the game, very little downtime.

The boss fights were spectacular with interesting ways to defeat them, not just shooting them till their dead. Havent played the multiplayer yet as there havent been many people online to play against, hopefully that changes in the next few weeks. Other than those couple of things the game is just great!!