Gamespot's reviewer went into this game looking not to like it. MAN did you get this one wrong.

User Rating: 8.5 | Transformers: War for Cybertron PS3
I'm not going to give my own review on this latest and , really, only great Transformers game out there. Instead I'm going to rebuke Gamespot's review of this game because, clearly, they went into this review ready to not like the game.

"Lack of visual and gameplay variety in the campaign"- I too noticed that inside building levels had a look that tends to blend in to it's self but that doesn't hurt the game one bit. Furthermore, outside levels of Cybertron are amazing, alive and just as represented in the Transformers series for decades.

"Paucity of ammunition" - So does the reviewer not like limited ammo in FPS's to, or are all 3rd person action games suppose to have 1 unlimited ammo gun? Can nothing be different or challenging?

"Boss fights are incredibly tedious" - LOL!!! WHAT?! The boss battles in this game, especially ones with Tyrpticon and Omega Supreme are incredibly satisfying and at just the right level of challenge. This is my biggest problem with Gamespot's review.

"Friendly and enemy AI is poor" - I'll agree that the AI isn't going to solve your algebra homework for you. But, it's not so dumb that it makes the game too easy.

"Transformations are integrated poorly with the core action." - This has been the main problem in all Transformers games. Why should a player have to transform? In what situation is it needed? Well, War for Cybertron got it close. There are times in levels when you need to be fast and vehicle form is needed. In combat, it's really up to the player to decide. I wouldn't say it's a negative mark on the game.

That's my take.