You're better off getting this game on another platform.

User Rating: 3 | Transformers: Cybertron Adventures WII
Why do the Transformers video game makers, whoever they are, have to make their worst editions of the game for the Wii? The gameplay is the killer. The story is nice, I guess. You start out in vehicle mode on a single road. You follow the road, blasting obstacles falling from the sky with your blaster weapon. When the game auto-transforms you into robot mode, (you cannot control your transforming powers) this time you cannot move at all. The robot you happen to "control" moves from one point to the next on its own. Then you stop and shoot at enemies from behind walls. Each robot has four weapons. They all have a sniper rifle, a gatling gun, and a missile launcher at their disposal. Depending on your robot, the final weapon is a single shot charge cannon or a multi shot blaster. You fulfill easy objectives for the most part until the second half, which expects you to snipe down a bunch of enemies on a platform in a minute and fifteen seconds. I hate this game: Enough said.