GameSpot got it wrong.

User Rating: 8.5 | Transformers: War for Cybertron X360
I am so glad I picked this game up before I read the GameSpot review. If I knew that GameSpot only gave this game a 6.5, I may have made the mistake of passed it up; however, I am so glad I bought this game. I didn't expect much from this game. I was just hoping to find some fun in the co-op or maybe the multiplayer, but I have been so addicted to the campaign that I haven't put it down in over 6 hours... and that's just today! I usually feel that GameSpot gets it dead on with their reviews, but I wonder if the reviewer decided that they weren't going to like this game before they even played it. Sure this game (like many) has some issues, but they are easily overlooked. I was very impressed with the graphics and how smooth the game play is. Sure, a lot of the environments look alike, but the game takes place on Cybertron, how much can the environment possible change? But there is plenty of variety in the game to keep it interesting. There are battles that take place on the planet surface, deep in the planet core. Battles that take place on a raceway, and battles that take place in the sky. The level design changed up enough to keep one's attention. I would say the only gripe that I have (and one area where I do agree with GameSpot) is that many of the AI robots that you are fighting against do look the same. And this is true of both the Autobot and Decepticon campaigns. It would have been nice if a there was more variety with the other robots, but this was just a minor gripe for me. As far as the comments that the reviewer made about constantly looking for amo or there being too much of a pause when reloading or transforming... Where did this come from?! There are time in the game where I have gotten low, or run out of amo, but it never seemed to kill the action, but only increased the intensity for me. And most times, just when you're about to run out of amo, you'll find some just around the next corner. The item placements in the game seemed very well thought out. And the reloading times are no different (and probably shorter) than a game like Gears of War. I also found the transforming feature in the game to be very polished and fun. I felt that transforming in this game added to the action rather than took away from it.
Please do yourself a favor and don't put too much weight on the GameSpot review. Check out reviews for this game on a couple of other sites and read the positive comments, and if you're still hesitant, rent it... you wont be sorry.