The single player could have been better,but it was still enjoyable and had some great moments.Multiplayer-Awesome 10/10

User Rating: 8.5 | Transformers: War for Cybertron PS3
Couldn't disagree with the review more.Single player was fairly decent,with a good story. The graphics could have been better in places but were not awful by any means. I liked the transformers animations and the new twist on these characters. They have cleverly overcome one the biggest limitations of transformers by making the land vehicles hover on Cybertron, which makes the experience more believable than previous titles.

I understand that this games single player didn't quite deliver the knee trembling transformers immersion we would like (Single Player), but it was still very good and a million miles away from the garbage we have been given over the years.

This game really shined for me during multiplayer the classes are very well thought out Soldier,Scientist(jet),Leader,Scout. Complementing this is a deep leveling system with multiple loads outs and perks and semi customizable transformers. This delivered a unique and one of the best multiplayer experience EVER.

Full Moon deserve credit, this series with the backing of fans should only go from strength to strength. You can tell this was made by true fans.
Thank You Full Moon.