This is 2007 no game in that time could fail miserably, this game is bad but has some features to point ou

User Rating: 3 | Transformers: The Game PSP
I walked into a store I use every month and I enjoy my time there, but
a week ago I saw this game on the shelf and I was quite disappointed.
That time- graphics were OK, but it looks terrible; the aesthetics are pathetic. The controls are un-usual and uncomfortable, the shooting controls are hard to understand and its a shame I couldn't find the menu to change controls. The topic overall is fan-based only a person who watched the movie a few times could engage or connect this experience to the real world. The only thing this game does right is pick the right age for this game that is perfectly appropriate for this difficulty. Remember the good games made in 2007? Great examples of what our industry should work on- picking the topic fan related ,but to raise the budget, delete feature that is fan-known only. Giving this game to an under 10 is normal- the ESRB is perfect but the suggestive violence might be a bit too much. Do not give this game traffic it simply doesn't deserve it.