Wow, does this game suck.

User Rating: 4 | Transformers: The Game PC
I can't express how sorry I am that I bought this game. Maybe I was expecting too much because the movie was so good! Anyway, the game play is terrible, the graphics aren't that great and the interface is riddled with annoying nuances that ruin the rest of the crappy experience.

My nephew told me that he didn't like the game, and I thought that he was crazy. So, against his judgement I went out and purchased it thinking - how bad could a game be? I get to be a big hulking robot that can pick things up and throw them at other big hulking robots - what can go wrong!?

First off - driving is a mess. It is so horribly sloppy - for a game that is all about transforming into automobiles, you'd think that they would have made the driving at least as good as it is in GTA! I'm not looking for Need For Speed or Gran Tourismo - just usable and fun. No such luck.

Secondly, being in robot form is just as annoying. You run slowly, so it really isn't an option for all the stupid timed missions that they give you, and picking things up (supposedly one of the cool aspects of the game) is so damn frustrating that is is pointless. Better to just walk up and punch the enemy than grab a car or light post.

Also, it gets VERY repetitive, VERY quickly.

I should have known that a PC game that was released as the same time as it was on the hand held platforms was going to be crap. And, it was...

:( Too bad, because this game could have been awesome.