Awesome. Just plain awesome.

User Rating: 10 | Transformers: The Game PS2
Transformers, what a great game. The basic premise of the game is that you have to get the Allspark and prevent it from falling in to the opposing faction's hands. The unique thing about it is that you can play as either the Autobots or the Decepticons. You don't have to play as the good guys, like in most games, this game gives you that choice. I must say, playing as a Decepticon is a lot more fun than playing as an Autobot. Destroying is way more fun than protecting, that's for sure! And it's very loud. This game is way loud, amazing. Once you pick which side you are going to play with, you have to progress through 4 levels. In each level there are 4 chapters which contain at least one objective for your transformer to accomplish. Overall, most of them are fairly easy, but it is just so much fun it doesn't matter. The transformations are so smooth, the graphics are great, and the sound is phenomenal. After you make it through the 4 main levels, you unlock the final level, which is the final battle between Prime & Megatron. Once you beat that level, you unlock a bonus level in which you are back on Cybertron. The hardest part of the game, I found, was all of the bonus material that was available to be collected! Each level contained a ton of stuff to find, and i found that the hardest part of the game was taking the time to find all of this material. It was definitely worth it though! The bonus material is good stuff. The best part of the bonus material was the G1 skins. You can use Prime, Megatron, Jazz & Starscream in the game as they were originally depicted in the 1984 cartoon series! Awesome. I could not find any faults with this game, other than they should have made it longer! One thing I did notice is that all the Transformers from the movie were in the game except for Ratchet. I found that kind of odd. I heard from other people that they didn't like the game and rated it badly, but I think they are fools. One reason they gave was that there wasn't enough enemies in the game. I admit the game is easy, but I didn't find there to be a lack of enemies, plus there is a ton of other stuff to do in each level, so it doesn't even matter. The other reason I heard was that the Transformers don't use combo attacks! Are you kidding me? Transformers don't use combos, they're giant machines, they just beat the crap out of each other until they can't get up anymore! Aye Carumba, some people live in a different reality. Overall, this game is easily one of the favourites in my collection. I recommend it as a must have for any Transformers fan and anybody who appreciates a good action game. Hopefully they'll keep making more movies and games for this franchise.