Is it that worst than Transformers War For Cybertron like Gamespot tells us ?

User Rating: 7.5 | Transformers: Fall of Cybertron PS3
I just finished the chapter 7 after like 4h on normal difficulty. What hit me at first is how clear and crisp are the colors. In the last installation it was dark but this one you can tell clearly their color and everything on their bodies. After that they improved the sound, it won't happen again the time where you couldn't hear what a caracter was saying for no reason.

The game felt bigger, there is a lot of huge transformers in this game and they need very big battlefeld.

Many people already know that they removed the multiplayer campaign. Don't be sad because the story mode is way more story driven and it makes more sense.

The only thing that doesn't fit with the original G1 cartoon show, is Grimlock. Otherwise everything fit nicely in the Transformers G1 story line.

I didn't play multiplayer yet, it seems cool and all but I don't like MP that much so I will try it but that is it. From what I saw, every part of every transformers you see in the game can be obtained for your own caracter in MP. At first you choose your class which determine your size and the choice of transformation. After that you choose every else.

Of course all the shooter mode are back like Death Match, Capture the Flag, King of The Hill etc. There is also a new mode name Escalation where you have to survive wave of Decepticon or Autobot.

So in all, don't trust GameSpot, the game is solide and everything is perfect. I play the PS3 version and I'm very satisfied.

If you aren't sure ... log on PS store and download the demo. They let you try the first level of the Autobot story and one level of the Decepticon story and also MP, but the caracter creation is all locked up but it gives you a good idea of what will be avalaible.


When I wrote that I didn't finish the story mode. Now that I have finish it 2 times I came accross a very big problem ... the game freeze. I contacted Activision and they couldn't do anything ... so I sold the game. Sad because I'm a big Transformers fan but I lost all my faith in Activision ...