G1 Fans will love it

User Rating: 8.5 | Transformers: Fall of Cybertron PC
The Story is great, while abit different from the original G1 story in some aspects, its still great fun

The controls seem to work well with plenty of options for customising them to your liking

you get to play a variety of different characters throughout the game, each feeling very different from the last, which can take abit of getting used to at first but i didnt find a single charater who's features i didnt like after a few minutes to work them out

Online is pretty solid & fun as all hell, with game modes like Conquest, CTF, Team DM & HeadHunter (similar to COD's dogtag hunt gamemode) the online quickly becomes very addictive, i also like how simple it is to get a game going & it seems to run very smooth (lagwise)

without giving away any spoilers i cant wait for the 3rd installment