Somewhat typical of other third person shooters

User Rating: 6 | Transformers: Fall of Cybertron PC
Pretty much FoC is typical of most third person shooters. It isn't a cover shooter and if it's meant to be one there isn't a cover system that you might be expecting.

Story: Decent, although I'm only working on the fourth mission.

Graphics: Visually it's got a better look than War for Cybertron (WfC) and things run smoother. The only thing I have to say about it, is that the movies seem a little unfinished. Maybe there's something about art style there but the in-game action scenes, where you are still following the perspective of the character you're controlling, look 10x better. Gameplay: The only real similarities to WfC is the fact that this is Transformers, you have guns to shoot, melee weapons to use, and you can transform at the touch of a key. Aside from that there really aren't a whole lot of similarities. Grenades are gone, you get one ability that charges over time, and there is some exploration that can be done to find weapon blueprints and audio logs. There's even a store where you can buy upgrades for your weapons. Also you're limited to one regular and one heavy weapon; something that can be annoying if you've got a heavy weapon that doesn't fit your play style. For the most part these changes are a good thing, although the freedom to pick different characters for each mission was nice in WfC.

Multiplayer: I've only played Team Deathmatch (and probably only will) and so far it's been good...................................................when I can get into a match. Matchmaking seems to be a problem with this game. I'll admit this may be simply a consequence of the game being new but there have been times when I've gone into a round with 3 people per team and played but had to wait with 5 per team while the server looks for at least another 1, 2, or 3 people to play or to balance the teams; most often 10 minutes or more. Hopefully the developers are working hard to get this resolved..............soon.

There's a part of multiplayer that allows you to customize the look of each class and that is probably the best feature of the game. You may be limited to using the parts from Transformers character in the game and DLC but the combinations are easily in the thousands. And each class has its own set of characters to choose from so each class has its own unique look.

So with all that said, with the exception of the matchmaking, the game is decent. Unfortunately for me the matchmaking takes a lot away from the game for me, so I couldn't give it a higher score.