Flashy to a Fault

User Rating: 6.5 | Transformers: Fall of Cybertron X360
It's as if the goal here was to make the game as visually impressive as possible, but what got lost in the effort was the fun-ness aspect of actual game playing.

I found myself confused most of the first part of the game... "What the hell am I supposed to be shooting at?" was the prevailing thought running n the back of my mind while I meandered through the metal on metal on metal on metal environment chasing some elusive arrow guiding me from one metal environment to the next.

Most Transformers "stans" will pan my review. Forgive me, but I like simplicity. The game would have been less cumbersome had it taken place on earth. They could have used the contrast of hard metal in a softer more natural environment to grant the eyes some visual rest. It would have made it easier for the player to identify enemies, navigate through the scenes, and given the eyes some soft spots to rest a bit from all of the flashes and explosions.

The constant need to reload your weapon seemed like an unnecessary added key press. Press a button to reload and keep shooting? Why not just let me keep shooting, LOL.

Overall, fans of mindless shoot-em-up games will find this one no less entertaining. However, if you are like me and expect more from a franchise like Transformers, you will be too distracted from that gut-wrenching feeling of disappointment to allow yourself to just enjoy the game.