My childhood dreams finally fulfilled!

User Rating: 9.5 | Transformers: Fall of Cybertron X360
"I wanna build my own Transformer!" I wouldn't be surprised if every male in America has said these words at some point. Well, fellow fans, REJOICE, for that day is finally here!!! While this game does have an excellent campaign with endless variety, I am going to focus on the multiplayer where you can....get ready for it......BUILD A TRANSFORMER! This game will truly bring back all of your fondest childhood memories as you fill your enemies with bullets as your dream action figure. Obviously I'm going to talk about the customization first. There are 7 parts that you can choose from (aesthetics, not for stats): head, shoulders, arms, legs, torso/vehicle form, certain vehicle parts, and decals. Most of them are available from the start for just a couple matches worth of "shards," but some of the best must be unlocked by leveling up. While there is a load out system, it is much more balanced than CoD, starting you off with weapons just as effective as any other. Leveling up only means more variety, not more power. Combat is largely team-based, and feels kind of like TF2 meets Gundam. There are four classes: infiltrator (high per-shot damage, high speed, invisibility, low health), destroyer (all-arounder with heavy weapons with slow projectiles), Titan (most health, slowest movement, rapid-fire), and scientist (medic, lowest health, but the only fliers). While, at first, only the scientist may sound at all team-oriented, going it alone will almost always get you killed. Each class has several different niches they can fill within a team. The sound in this game is also incredible. While I've always missed the classic transforming sound-effect ever since the movies, this game feels like pouring a rainbow filled bullet holes into your ears. It really sounds like a war zone! The graphics are good, but nothing special, but what really stands out is the animation. Every motion is so intricately designed. Even when you're standing still, servos whir and pistons move up and down. If Transformers were real, I have no doubt this is what they would look like. This is definitely one of the best shooters I have ever played, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a fan.