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What can i say iv met alot of players over the past few months and new faces every day. The game keeps growen and thats a wonderful thing. Its not the same every time thats what awsome about it. Ive made alot of awsome friends, rivals and enemys. Friends like Nigelnug hes a cool headed player and a good jokster to keep everyone in a good spirit. Diabloshadow a real damn good healer teamplayer who will strike you down out of nowhere. Bet on Red is a real good defender and keeps the pressure on yea. Gears1984 what can i say hes a squirly bastard and a good killer. Prodigy lila a good person i always like in my corner hes always their to watch your back and cheer you on. Kai stone he can be a real stonecold killer at times and a great teamplayer. Ne--rd hell just drop down on yea out of the blue and take you out a real good team player. Eaterwndthebush is a strong rival of mine hes taught me alot and always worken with everyone friend or opponent to help them better thier game. Which him and everyone else iv met along the way in the game has my respect i look forward every time i get online to go head to head with anyone of these guys. And they all know that ill do whatever it takes to smack them around in a game. And i expect the same thing from them in return. And with friends like mine who needs enemys lol. ZACHANDREW THE BRAWLER FROM CONQUEST