Platinium know their shit

User Rating: 8 | Transformers: Devastation PS4

Yeah made by Platinium who did Bayonetta 1&2. So the combat system is pretty similiar and rewarding.

All the transformers have tha G1 looks but some of them have that "Generation combiner wars" look to them like Megatron and Menesor because Megatron transforms into a tank and Menesor has a mini car on the chest.

The voice acting is pretty good and many old G1 voice actor are on the game like Peter Cullen and Frank Weller.

The animation is fanstastic, the music is pretty much metal which is very nice.

I didn't gave it a 9 because we can only play as Autobot, there is no Decepticon campaing like previous Activision Transformers but I find the game a lot more enjoyable than previous entries but I still wish I could play a level with a flying transformers