Excellent hybrid of space shooter and Zuma within contemporary story about nanoprobes

User Rating: 8 | Transcripted PC
I thought it would be easy-peasy game with short rounds and clear idea. On the contrary, it's complicated game with diverse enemies along 25 brand new missions. So, get ready to think a lot.
It seems that 75% of players will ignore the nano-technological storyline of the game, but I didn't. I really enjoy those dialogues with Professor Dahl and NaDiA, all the crap about pathogens and infected tissues. Give it a try!
The main impression bases on music, graphics and game play. Music is calm and still, trying to relax you, WHILE YOU HAVE TO AVOID ZILLIONS OF ENEMIES. Sincerely, I super like the soundtracks. Visualization is high-end for this type of game: extremely detailed background, enemies, cubes, every single lightning and bubble. Your eye will be pleased look at this for sure.
Your nanoprobe could be upgraded in a different ways, so, you choose to evaluate priorities for you game style. Eventually,you could replay previous mission to get more upgrade point, it's useful, some bosses is competitive.
I experience this game for 2 weeks, completed 25 missions on the hard difficulty level - it was really demanding to avoid every shoots and make a good combo's with dna. I'd recommend medium level, it might be more interest to play, because some missions I played up to ten times to complete.
Overall, it's a nice and challenge game, suitable for grown gamers.