High Octaine - Addictive - Fun

User Rating: 9 | TrackMania 2 Canyon PC
Noooooo.he said, the moment he loses gravity on a massive loop the loop!

I got this game free with a CPU I recent bought, I had played Trackmania games in the past so I kinda knew what to expect. Although this game surpassed my expectation in almost every way, the first race starts and my jaw hit the desk as I took in the breathtaking view of the new canyon environment and the great visuals of the car model. Then I got down to driving.lots..and lots of driving, which is by no means a bad thing, I found it to be an exhilarating experience time after time trying to nail a corner with the perfect drift, or trying to land a jump with the right momentum, all while frustratingly chasing after my own ghost. 5 minutes of 'training' on a track will grant you the opportunity to take part in and 'official' race, this is a one lap chance to put your best time on the skillpoints leader bored (which is a single-player ladder effectively)

Multiplayer is as addictive as ever, you are able to choose a server by region and either play the Ubisoft server, or play a user's created one, which includes their own created tracks ect. Most of my time up until now has been on the Ubisoft servers using the tracks from the single-player. Players initially start the same time, but the goal here is to put the fasted time down within the 5 minutes time limit, it's great fun to see others fantastically bail with their car flying into a brick wall as you drift sweetly around a tight bend. You can restart the track at any point which is what you will do very often, it's as easy has hitting the return key, at the end of the race you are awarded ladder points based on you position, ladder points contribute towards your overall standing within the online Multiplayer ladders. Overall the Multiplayer is arguably were the most fun is.

There are a lot of official tracks to complete and they all look gorgeous, cars handle with easy and are easy to get used to. One thing that isn't however is the menu system. This was my only gripe with the game and one I think the developers need to look at, it's such a paint to add friends, navigate your profile and see your leader board rankings, not to mention the car painter which is very hard to come to terms with. The menu system is in general a painstaking affair and very buggy experience.

In the end though I play this game everyday.for hours.and hours.I just got to beat that time!! Grrrrr

Great game very worthy of its low price tag.