Brilliant! If you're under the age of eight, that is.

User Rating: 7 | Toy Story 3 PS3
If I was writing this review from the perspective of myself, it'd be getting a solid 4. Let's be honest: it's not great. The controls are, at times, absolutely awful, the camera jumps around all over the shop, and the levels are either ridiculously dull or have one task that's ridiculously difficult (usually, due to the controls/camera) that you can't get past, leaving you in an unhappy, frustrated puddle on the floor. The focus isn't really on playing out the story of the film, either, which is quite disappointing, and the level/boardgame setup of the whole thing feels like we're watching it all from a distance. There's no immersion, which sucks.

But I'm not writing this from my perspective. Clearly, Toy Story 3 is not designed for me. It's designed for kids. Kids like my five year old brother, who adores it. Admittedly, the design, graphics and colours on this game are quite nice, and he loves bounding around the toybox on Bullseye, doing menial tasks and putting Nemo fins on buildings. We co-op on two player so I can help him with some of the puzzles (he's good for a five year old, but he's not THAT good...), and I might want to smash my head against a brick wall, but he'll be having the time of his life.

4.0 from me, 10.0 from him. Balance it out. If you're a small child, completely useless at videogames, or just really, really, really love Toy Story, go for it. Otherwise, no.