Extremely easy and very short game.

User Rating: 5.5 | Toy Story 3 PSP
Yeah, when i started playing this game i wondered it it was going to be the same easy as at the beginning, and what I expected, finally happened.
It can get you glue but the story mode is really really short, and really easy, so iit's the king of game for a little kid, or for someone who ain't a very skilled gamer.

However, it's pretty entertaining and at least it has some funny mini games, but they're easy as the story mode and they can take you 15 minutes at most.

I'm afraid i have to judge this game as a poor and short one, but if you decide to get it, it will be a good idea anyway cos' as I said, it's pretty funny and entertaining, but it's not the best choice if you like some other kind of games.

I need to fill it with 800 words, but all i wanted to say is above, so let me tell you that i like your t-shirt :-)