Keeps The Standard High

User Rating: 8 | Toy Story 3 PS3
Like the film trilogy, Toy Story games have a tradition of being fantastic. The latest is no exception, and from the opening "You Got a Friend in Me" title music, it's a great experience. The game is played from a toy map, and split into 2 modes.

Story mode is the usual kid's game, a short experience closely following the film plot. Players control Woody, Buzz and Jess throughout levels including Andy's House and Sunnyside Day Care Centre. Some sections require teamwork by switching characters to perform specific tasks. It's simple stuff, and clear game hints are provided, making it perfectly suited for children.

But Toy Box mode is where this excels. Turning Toy Story into an open world adventure may seem like a dubious idea, but it really works. The focus is on playful customisation, townsfolk can be dressed into outfits, buildings can be painted and mini games are everywhere. Missions are handed out from characters like Rex and Hamm, and new areas can be purchased, such as Zurg's Spaceport or Lotso's Enchanted Glenn. Vehicles can be driven, with a nicely done stunt park. Finding every collectible is surprisingly difficult, and the Gold Star challenges add some real longevity. The visuals are also superb.

A sometimes frustrating camera, and a slightly undercooked Story mode keep this from being perfect. But Toy Story 3 is amazing fun for players of any age.