One of the best games from Disney Interactive have one problem...It's too short.

User Rating: 9.5 | Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 PS2
Following the storyline of the movie,Toy Story 3 it's a great,but very short game.
The game have only 13 levels,where you play as:Woody,Buzz,Jessie,The Aliens and the Soldiers.
The game begins like the PSP version,but with better graphics,better sound,basically,the game are completely changed.
When you play as Woody,you have great controls of the character.When you play as Buzz,the fly capacity it's totally unused.The better character is Jessie,she have great graphics,it's looks like PS3!
The game could be better,with Toy Box Mode,more levels,more mini-games and more characters to play.
When you get the end of the game,you say:WHAT!!!,because it's too short and you feel sad when the game over.
I think the Asobo Studio could make a better game,only for PS2,and not a port from PSP version.
If you are a fan from Toy Story,you must have to buy this game.But if not,it's better buy this for your son.