Fun,unique,and exciting!

User Rating: 7.5 | Toy Story 3 PSP
Toy story 3 was a very fun experience!Although short,the game is very playable.The game's story is based on the movie.
In the game,woody and his friends,are dumped in a day-care center, accidentally.
You get to play as different characters as the game progresses,and each characters abilities are slightly different,which makes for more fun!
The game will have you opening vents,jumping from poles,swinging from lamps,etc
The game has built in mini-games,which unlock as you progress through the game.
After each level,you gain coins,which you can use to unlock cheats,HD images,and other goodies.
The visuals of the game are quite interesting,but sometimes you cannot change the camera angles,which can be slightly annoying at times.
Overall,it was enjoyable,but quite short.
I would recommend this game for younger players,but older players can have fun with it as well.