Can't even say it's a guilty pleasure to own this game.

User Rating: 8 | Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 X360
Activity on game to date: Completed Story Mode. Playing through Toy Box Mode.

Story Mode: Although being short and easily completed within a day, it does provide some difficult times with some of the missions. For people that have not seen the film yet, the game doesn't hold up much of a story for them to follow (*NOTE* Was playing through with a family member who hadn't seen the film and had to explain a couple of things to her) however, I would hope most of the gamers who have bought this game have seen the film!

The ability of the three characters you play as (Woody, Buzz or Jessie) differs and in-game, it makes sure that you use each characters ability to help you progress through the missions and with the simple use of LB to swap characters, this is easily done. The controls for the game are also easily picked up however sometimes aiming is a bit of a pain and can sometimes end up shooting your team-mates instead of the enemies.

The camera angles in the game can be slightly annoying at times and cause you to fall or having to re-try a certain bit several times. This would be made a lot easier if the camera angles were not in such an awkward position.

The graphics are typical of a game done mainly for an animated film however I have got no complaints and it's quite visually appealing to the eye.

The content of the Story Mode is vast and provides re-play value with the amount of collectables in each level. The one and main complaint I have against it is that there is a few missions where I had difficulty getting past and for a child to be playing it, it would be quite hard for them as well.

Toy Box Mode: Almost like a GTA style where you go around your town (which I will get to in a bit) and complete missions for the other toys. Hamm is dressed up amusingly in a suit and a stick on 'tashe as well which keeps the humour in the game to a high level.

The town in which you play in can be customized to a great deal where you can change the look of the shops and the townspeople (which can be dressed up in some stupid but yet funny attires)

I still have to complete Toy Box Mode but of what I've played of it , it is very addictive and fun to play.

Overall, I would say that this game is not for the kids who have watched and loved the movie but could be enjoyed by a lot of older gamers as well who are looking for a fun and enjoyable game to play and come back to often. The game does hold a lot of bugs + glitches which can make you restart a level again as you cannot sort them out yourself in the game, however hopefully a patch will be released soon to save you worrying about that. With some of the characters missing out of the game as well like Mr and Mrs Potato Head, I'm sure that it would have given the game a bit more depth to add to it and also with the actual actors voicing the characters instead of family members (Yes Jim Hanks , Tom Hanks' brother voices Woody!), it would have kept the game more realistic to the film itself. All that said, I certainly wouldn't call it a guilty pleasure to have in my game collection.