There is not much of a story based of the movie on three character of Woody, Buzz and Jesse well it for kid's

User Rating: 7.5 | Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 X360
Kid's love Toy Story 3 movie and the game not much for me well it easy.
It's just I like the movie so much because I liked it look's at the story, the character's and of courage the 3D glasses.
The is just mix up the storyline that make scene.
For example 1. I remember train scene begin of the movie. 2. daycare center and escape scene. 3. the trash scene.
I don't remember see on movie based on game on Andy house basement, Buzz in space, a little girl room full of coffee by evil doll witch and space rocket, and wild west town.
The good game I like is train mode and space mode of Buzz.
The gameplay is easy there is no game over for it. Very easy for little kid's to play the game that very good for them.
The boss battle is way to easy to beat'em.
the open-world of wild west town I got bored at it.
Because just pick Woody, Buzz and Jesse and run around, talk to toy people to find hidden item to unlock the next stage in this wild west world. Me I Don't know?
The Woody voice acted is so weird in begin of the game it is Tom Hank or someone?
I know Tim Allen in the game of voice of Buzz.
Finale line it not a bad game.
It's well done for kid's to enjoy it. (Thumb up)