Toystory 3 - The Game of the Movie

User Rating: 7.5 | Toy Story 3 PS3
Many people have already went and viewed the film. From this, fans have either liked, or disliked the film in turn. It has been almost though,7 years since the original first and of course, second title were launched. Many back at that time adored the films and we expected that another would be made shortly after. However, creators to this title were going to leave it, ditch it, and just leave fans with the two loved titles in their memory.

Now 7 years on and creators are having one last shot at amusing and amazing their audience before it's time to say goodbye. As a reward for fans who have stuck with this film over the years, the films creators decided that a game for all consoles should be created as a thank-you for viewing their well loved kids Movie.

The games follows the plot of the third film ( obviously) and fans who have not seen the film will learn certain parts of the plot from the game itself. The game involves the player controlling all characters, Buzz, Woody and so on, around the many worlds that are bigger than the so called toys. The game has been kept true to its original, which was released for PSone back many years ago.

Since this was the last epic adventure for the characters, this game is definitely one that should be kept as a token of Thank You from the movie's creators.