great for a little kid or somebody not good at video games. Its alright for people like me

User Rating: 6.5 | Toy Story 3 PSP
This game is too easy, but it is still somewhat fun. I played video games for like 7 years and I'm average skilled.
When I played this game for some reason I visualized myself in the future with a 5 or 7 year old child and I was letting him play this game. No joke. And no I wasn't drunk or high while I had those visualizations. So I'm guessing I thought it was a perfect game for a little kid in my subconsciousness since the game aint got any cussing, fighting, or naked people.
BUT this game do have DANGEROUS STUNTS so there is some chance your child will do some beavus and butthead junk and try to shimmy across a 5 inch ledge or get in a window from the roof and stuff like that.
But hey your child might be good at this kind of stuff and grow up to be a stuntman or pro at gymnastics. And if he/she wins a gold medal at the olympics imagine how the speech will go like.

"I would like to thank my mom/dad for buying my Toy Story 3 for my psp which inspired me to do gymnastics and discover my talent."
And you would be seated on the stadium seats, proud to have made the decision to buy Toy Story 3 for your child 15 years ago after reading a review by me the Gold C.

Anyway. If the second sentence of this review described you also I advise you to only rent the game or something if there aint any other good game to rent. I wouldnt buy it for myself or nothing like that.