Very good and fun game, if you are really fan of toy story this is your choice, you would not regret....................

User Rating: 9 | Toy Story 3 PSP
First I'm a big fan of toy story, I love the films, i liked the others games, but this I also liked, the game is easy but despite of this, is fun, the story follow the movie, some missions you are woody, buzz, jessie, the soldiers, etc. I also liked the special missions of woody and buzz, for example woody ride in his horse and it's enjoyable, I like more the missions of buzz, you are shoot the laser, you are fly, etc. those missions are really enjoyabe, even my family play it and they liked it, althought is not the same as the other consoles, it's really fun and good game, it looks like a descent game based in the movie, you know many games based in movies are not work, but this is one of the greatest games based in movies, you won't regret to buy this game, in special the kids would love it.
I give this game 9 of 10.