Fun. While it lasts.

User Rating: 6 | Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 X360
Toy Story games have proved to be mildly entertaining in the past and Toy Story 3: The Video Game is no different.

While easily a children's game, Toy Story 3 can be enjoyed by that of all ages. It may not be the most compelling game of the year but anyone can pick it up and have a decent 5 hours of fun from it.
Sadly Story mode is extremely short, consisting of only 8-9 levels which seem very loosely based on the plot of the movie. Here you will get just under or around 5 hours of game play time. But as you might already know, Toybox mode is what it's all about. Here you can create and design your own miniature toy world. You can customize just about everything from the people, to the color schemes of the various buildings. Though the novelty wares off pretty fast. This is as it's simply, do some missions to get some more money, to buy new things. While this process can be fun as there is quite a large variety in missions, there's not enough depth for an older audience. Kids on the other hand will love it otherwise just a quick rent for the higher age groups.

For what it is, Toy Story 3 isn't a bad movie licensed game compared from some of the other games on the market. While not having the longevity to that of other games, it's for children after all. If your looking for a mindless few hours of playing a video game, Toy Story 3 is the way to go.