Even better than I hoped it would be!

User Rating: 10 | Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 X360
Toy Story 2 for the Nintendo 64 was one of my favorite games when I was younger, and I was looking forward to this game with the hope that it would be anywhere near as fun as that great platformer was. Thankfully, this game far surpassed my expectations.

From the moment I started playing it was obvious that much more care had been put into the development of this game than most games based on movies get.

The graphics for this game are great, despite obviously not being the main focus of the creators. Each level is very detailed and colorful, with a unique, interesting appearance. The gameplay is similarly unique and varied, with tons of platforming, riding, and flying. The sandbox mode even includes a couple of cars and a stunt track, and it's very fun to drive around and pull off tricks.

Sandbox mode is the mode I've spent the most time with so far in the game. It involves exploring the fairly large area of 'Woody's Roundup' which is mainly Western themed. There are sub-levels within Woody's Roundup that have Sci-Fi (Zurg's base), Fantasy, and Spooky themes. There are many things to do in this mode, including the hundreds of collectibles to find, missions to do, and customization of your town. You can make the town look any way you want, by altering the costumes of the townspeople and changing the location, decoration and paint jobs of the buildings. There are even costumes that are based on characters from other Pixar movies, which I found interesting. The goals in sandbox mode are based on the 103 'Gold Stars' available, which are awarded for completing various tasks, which range from landing a paratrooper in a well to finding all of the collectibles in an area.

Story mode is divided into eight sections. Each section has a distinct, unique style of graphics and gameplay. They are all very detailed and fun, with many collectibles to find and achievements to get that increase the replay value of each level.

Overall, this game is highly recommended for everyone. It's simple and accessible enough for children to play, but has enough depth to give adults enjoyment as well. If you're not going to buy it, you should at least give it a rental.