Lots to do but too hard for young kids.

User Rating: 6 | Toy Story 3 PS3
This game has a lot to offer including collectibles, missions, goals, levels, unlockables and alot of interesting things to do but there seems to be very little actual direction in the game. The levels sometimes show you how to continue or pull a special move or command but then suddenly leaves you there going huh?

This is supposed to be a kids game but more often than not, it sets the player up for constant death, by falling, getting smashed, shot or burnt. I think some levels are way too hard for kids, in fact I got so frustrated in the "Buzz Game" level I said forget it after dying over and over and over again.

Missions in the Toy Box were cool up until the point where there were way too many of them all going on at once, and some of the missions kept repeating over and over. Also, even though most missions are kind enough to provide an arrow and/or green lights to show where to go, some make no sense at all and you have no idea what to do. It just feels like a bit too much is going on in the Toy Box.

When it comes to other missions where parachuting is concerned I think the game requires a bit too much precision on it's flight moves, I would have expected much more leeway for children.

Cars and racing in this game is just a big clumsy mess. There's almost no control over the cars and there's just too much racing in the game. You can get plastic bubbles of stuff but probably won't be able to reach most of them, the cars veer off uncontrollably and honestly a little racing would be fine but I didn't want to play a race car game.

Some of the controls are a bit glitchy too and all in all this game would have been a better game minus the flaws I mentioned. I can't stress enough that video game makers need to concentrate on games for kids being fun, playable and easy not complicated, overwhelming and difficult.