Fun and short movie title game does make a good effort on the PSP

User Rating: 7 | Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 PSP

For a movie title game that was released in 2010 for PSP I was surprised how enjoyable Toy Story 3 was for a platformer game on the PlayStation handheld. Even though past movie title games have been given mixed-reviews from critics and gamers on how good or bad games can be on the PSP. It's pretty much the same game if you bought this for the PlayStation 2 which was released a few months late and only released in the US and not anywhere else in the world. Rex looks back at the toy's past encounters with the help of his drawings, and tells the story of the film. If you've still haven't watched the movie or even watched the trilogy I would highly recommend you to watching them quite possibly one of the best animated family films you will see in a long time.

There is a good thirteen levels to go through on Adventure Mode which will include mini challenges during the main level and after completing the level like smashing certain crates or barrels or picking up puzzle pieces and other challenges you'll have is Time Attack which is where you need to complete the level before the time runs out completing the challenges will earn you points and trophies in each of the levels. There are three mini games for both Woody's Roundup and Buzz Adventures which follow the events from Toy Story 2 however there are a total of 5 levels in both them but the last two mini games I each of them you will need to purchase through the PSN Store, along with the 2 levels of Aliens Escapes have to be purchased but all of this will on the PSN Store as Downloaded Content.

I was impressed how well done the graphics and visuals looked for a PSP game most of it did remind of Toy Story 2 gameplay and visuals when you compare this to the last game that was released for the PS1. Everything about the PSP version looks colourful and very well detailed you can tell that this was aimed at a younger audience when it comes to gaming and at least a good option to pick this up with the PSP if you have younger children and wanting a handheld console to play games. It can take you at least three hours to complete the main story but trying to get 100% in the game can take you six hours or more depending on how much you want to get out of the game there are cheats but there's only four cheats which isn't that much fun you'll only get stuff like different outfit or play the game with an old movie effect but does look impressive which I would admit its decent for a cheat for it.

You don't have to get the UMD version to play this game you can also download this game from the PSN Store to download on your PSP or even your PS Vita a good game to pick up if you have children or younger siblings but wouldn't recommend picking this up straight away would suggest waiting until it comes on the Special Offer Deals on PSN unless you see the UMD version at a cheaper price because this game is very short but a fun game at the same time.