The best Toy Story game based on a movie.

User Rating: 8 | Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 PS2
What we can say about Toy Story?Is the most critical acclaim franchise of all time,and the games are also very good.

This game is so good that i consider this game the best of all.

The graphics aren't so good on the characters,they feel that they are muppets may of wood,but the scenarios are excellent detailed,but even the scenarios have bad things,the graphics are mixed overrall.

The gameplay is good,every character has different gameplay(e.g:Woody can use his thing to make him talk,and buzz can fly).The alliens fell like a co-op level, as you have to help themselves.The Roundup woody is great, as a good and simple sidescroller,and the buzz game levels fell good.Also,the gameplay is realistic in the fact that the characters,if they fall from a too long altitude,they will loose a life.

Overrall:If the game dosen't have so technical issues,and the fact that is too short,this game will be a masterpiece.