Toy Soldiers with more toys and tanks after you

User Rating: 9 | Toy Soldiers: The Kaiser's Battle X360
At first The Kaisers Battle seemed a bit too similar, until I went on to the second and third level. The second will catch you off guard, trust me It will. In the original game some people said that more epic battles need to take place. Well Signal Studios gives all out with Kaisers Battle. The second level offers 100 foot soldiers and Lewis machine gun infantry at you at a time. 100 calvary and I believe 50 tanks in all. The level is also at night, no need to panic Signal Studios has offered a very well placed positions for your units. So well that It only took me about 5 try on hard to get a 28 score. This doesn't mean the game is easy, not in the least I'm just saying if you know what your doing then you will not get a headache. The new survival map is much bigger and is more enjoyable, I have been playing that one map for hours. The multiplayer maps are very well made and adds a new setting. The Kaisers Battle will have you hooked for hours trying to get a perfect score.