Addictive and entertaining tower defense combat, with unique elements added to the table.

User Rating: 9 | Toy Soldiers X360
Toy Soldiers is a tower defense game, with a twist, you can control your units. Take control of a mounted machine gun and pick away the soldiers that the rest of your units couldn't handle. This game is very well worth the points, even the though British Campaign is short, you unlock the German Campaign which will make up some of the time that the game should've had. Nonetheless, this game is just plain fun, the strategy of placing certain units at certain points. Although units NEED to be placed at spots reserved at your base, you are still free to place any unit on any spot, as long as it fits.
Every other level there will be a boss, sometimes it can be difficult to take it down before it gets to your toy box (base), but it is fairly easy with just a few extra Mother units. Like any other Tower Defense game, you can upgrade your unit. There is another thing i must mention, depending on which map you are on you can control airplanes and tanks along with your units. Using the vehicles is required for absolute victory, and very helpful when your base is fully upgraded because you are free to infiltrate the enemy's base.
The multiplayer is fun, obviously only being two player multiplayer because there is only two bases on a map. It is extremely fun sending various waves of soldiers/vehicles at your enemy's toy box. Other than sending waves the multiplayer doesn't have anything more special. There is also part in the campaign where you can unlock the Elite difficulty, which disables your units and you alone must control your units and defend you toy box. I must say, it is a tremendous challenge i cannot even fathom me beating the whole campaign in Elite. IT IS EXTREMELY HARD AND NEAR IMPOSSIBLE. There is good achievements, and some of the avatar awards are pretty awesome.
Although this game has its faults, i've had such a wonderful time playing and hoping for a sequel that could fix all of the loose ends. If you have the Microsoft Points, buy it if you like tower defense games, it is a wonderful Arcade title. Here are my ratings and final score:

Graphics - 10/10
Audio - 8/10
Story - 8/10
Gameplay - 9/10
Campaign - 7/10
Fun Factor - 10/10

Overall: 9.0/10.0